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April 10, 2013

SEO Optimization

small-business-SEO-servicesIf you’re running a small business or considering setting one up, money is likely to be in short supply and what funds you do have generally go on staff and administrative costs.

More often than not, there’s little money left for online marketing, however the great thing about websites and SEO is that there doesn’t have to be.

A lot of the marketing that you can achieve online is cheap, if not free. All it takes is a little bit of time and little bit of knowhow. So here are some low budget tips to get your small business, big online.

Link building

One of the first steps in improving your SEO is to get some links going to and from your website. This will show the search engines that other sites think your content is worth linking to, and therefore will rank you more highly.

There are plenty of ways to build links to other sites, some are more worthwhile than others, and some are a lot cheaper than others. The links that you pursue will depend on the industry that you’re in, but it’s important to choose them carefully as excessive or irrelevant links could do more harm than good.



Getting an incoming link from a blog with good traffic and a good page ranking is a great place to start. And although it is possible to find blogs that will link to you for free, you’ll mostly have to pay a small amount for the privilege.

This could either involve writing a guest blog to be posted on the site, or paying the blogger to include your link in an article. Try to ensure that any article your link is in is relevant and well written in order to get maximum results.


For a long time, websites have tried to get extra links by posting them in relevant discussion forums. This has worked well in the past, but due to the forthcoming changes in Google’s algorithms, links from forums will be of much reduced value, so it’s not worth spending as much time in this area.


Getting your website listed in local directories is great for link building. However watch out for some free directories as the search engines don’t value them highly and a link could actually be damaging.

Try to ensure you are only listed in trusted directories by checking their page rank and which other websites are listed by them.

Some of the larger directories may charge for inclusion or for an enhanced listing. This can be great for SEO as long as the directory is trusted and is likely to get lots of traffic.

Related businesses

As link building is good for everyone, you can try to approach other websites directly to see if they’ll include your URL on their site.

Contact businesses that are in related, but not competing, fields and offer them a reciprocal link on your site. The worst that they can say is no!



One of the cheapest ways to improve your ranking is to work on your on-site SEO.

Take full advantage of all META and TITLE tags by populating them with relevant keywords and phrases. Avoid any duplicate content as search engines don’t like it.

You can also make the most of your actual URL by ensuring that each page has a unique and targeted address. Try not to use generic names like ‘home’ as it doesn’t tell the search engines anything about your site.

No matter how big or small your business or your budget is, there are always steps you can take to boost your SEO and get more people clicking through to your site.

Once you’ve got to a certain level, visitor number should start to grow organically and hopefully, this will translate into bigger profits for you.

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About the author: Tom Shurville manages Distinctly Digital, the SEO company offering services in Hertfordshire. Tom takes responsibility for business development, client communication and planning tailor made SEO campaigns.

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