9 Expert SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 12, 2012

SEO Optimization

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All small businesses should have a website, so that they can expose their business to a very large audience that they probably would never be able to reach otherwise. Once you have a website up, you probably won’t receive much traffic unless you optimize your website for search engines. Here are nine expert SEO tips of small businesses.

1. Add Quality Content

You probably won’t rank well in search engines if you don’t have a lot of content, especially if you are in an over saturated industry. Every month, you probably want to add at least 20 new pages of content. Search engines love new content, as websites with more recent information is ranked higher. Also, you want the content on your website to be good if you want your visitors to stay once they land on your website.

2. No Black Hat Tricks

It may be very tempting to use black hat tricks, especially when your competition is utilizing them and doing a great job because of it. Black hat tricks that you want to avoid are stuffing hundreds of keywords onto every page, having two titles, and many others.

The black hat tricks may work for you at first, but search engines will eventually catch you and invalidate your page rank, so that you will get much less traffic.

3. Back Links

Small businesses can improve their page rank and in turn get more traffic by getting back links to their website. You can get back links by guest blogging, trading back links, and writing quality content, so that other people will give you back links when they recommend your website.

4. Page Title

The title of your pages and posts have a big impact on your search engine optimization. Make sure your page titles are packed with keywords and ensure that the titles are catchy, thought-provoking, and irresistible. With a good title, you’ll find many people clicking on the link to that page.

5. Keywords

Determine what your business and website is about, and choose good keywords that center around what your business is about. For example, if your small business sells accessories for computers, you would choose keywords such as “computer accessories.”

6. Good Domain

If you haven’t made a website yet, then take the opportunity to choose a good domain. Ideally, the domain should be one of your major keywords and you should also make it short, so it is easy to remember.

7. Social Media

Take advantage of social media websites, to get more traffic to your website. Some social media websites are also “do follow,” so any links that you post on those social media websites will count as back links.

8. Pay-Per-Click

Pay for advertisements, so you can spread the word about your business. Depending on the niche of your website, the cost of each click may range from a few cents to one hundred dollars or more.

9. Identify Intended Audience

Make sure you know what your intended audience is, so you aren’t targeting the wrong people with your search engine optimization tactics.

As you can see, there are plenty of methods that you can put into practice in order to get more traffic from search engines, which translates into more visitors, business, and good leads.

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  • http://savvybizbuilder.com/blog Melisa

    Recently, most website using black hat method are hit by Google Penguin. I think some of them doesn’t recover yet from being penalized. Thanks for providing useful tips about SEO.

    • SilverMatrixx

      Thanks Melisa for your comment.I think that Google Penguin update still is not yet finished.We may see some improvements and results to website or blog owners in the near future.For me black hat SEO or link building was always short term strategy.What i do is creating useful content and sharing it on social media.Thats basically it.