The Best YouTube Alternatives

October 14, 2012

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Which is the primary web site you instinctively visit to view or upload video clips? Your response would be to firstly consider this a fatuous query and then emphatically reply “YouTube”! But just expand your horizons a bit and you’ll discover that there are many other excellent sources for online videos. These video web sites offer different interfaces, fresh material, and simply a refreshing diversion when one gets a mite bored of YouTube’s proprietary layout and functioning.

Here’s a rundown of the best YouTube replacements on the internet:

       1. Dailymotion

This is one of the most frequented YouTube alternatives around. Dailymotion houses thousands of videos spread across different genres, formats, sizes, and resolutions. The site has a bright, well-structured, and user-friendly interface that especially makes it a boon for casual surfers. It also has handy features like thumbnailed video previews, the ability to arrange videos in grid and list views, the facility to hover the mouse and view video content, family filter, and a side panel that depicts related videos.

Dailymotion also furnishes options for registered users to create a clip storehouse (threshold of 150MB or 20 minutes per clip), display their own videos, upload high definition videos, correspond with other members, and offer recommendations to site operators. 

        2. Vimeo

Vimeo mainly showcases high resolution videos catering to a relatively mature and discerning audience – its categories encompass fields like art, science, current affairs, health, and entertainment. The interface is lucid and easy to use with a large widescreen video display.

Members may share videos, create associations, upload clips up to 5GB in size, and even enroll for online video-making tutorials.

        3. Veoh

This site is particularly well-liked as it allows you to upload videos of any length. Veoh, like YouTube, has a pleasant, sprightly, and practical design containing clips of assorted types, qualities, and formats. The various video choices like TV Shows, Movies, Channels, and Groups are easily accessible via a neatly arranged top bar and there is a convenient search facility too.

        4. yfrog

yfrog has grown by leaps and bounds with the commensurate progress of social media. Recognized as Twitter’s imaging store, yfrog lets you upload videos and images to Twitter quickly and efficiently. It lets you form user groups, exchange comments, view friends’ clips, and keeps you posted via information alerts. With yfrog, you can correspond with and contribute to a vast and vibrant online community.


Blip.tvis a simple and feature-laden site that is also simple to operate. It is an excellent site for users interested in showcasing their episodic and recurring creative content. It provides resources like an online planning tool, 1GB of space per clip, enhanced conversion, advertising assistance, personalized branding, and priority screening to enable users to generate serial videos. Members may also share their videos with others as well as host them on YouTube.

       6. Animoto

This, like, is another useful web site for users to generate customized videos. It grants a variety of membership options that incorporatescutting-edge video upload facets. These include high definition output, personalized branding, themed videos, a bountiful selection of over 1000 music tracks to embed in videos, and ability to engender full-duration clips.

        7. Flickr

If you think this is a wrong inclusion, think again. Flickr, the celebrated image sharing resource, is actually also a great video hosting web site. Video aficionados can, through convenient registration choices, upload an array of customized videos of limitless quantities, sizes, and speeds with the aid of Flickr’s interminable wellspring of images. However, users need to adhere to a 90-second video duration restriction.

Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various products brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech support

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  • SilverMatrixx

    Thanks Ileane for your comment.OneLoad looks interesting,i will check it out.

  • Ileane

    Nice list. I also use Meta Cafe and Viddler. I stopped using when they banned my account without warning. I came to the conclusion that it was because I didn’t have all the mandatory artwork they required. Btw – I use OneLoad to upload my videos to several places at once (not YouTube though).