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January 31, 2012

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If you’ve done any research into Internet marketing you would have heard that you should do testing and tracking to improve your results.

The only problem is that testing and tracking is boring and time-consuming, and if you’ve done it yourself you would have found that out and probably given up. Well, now there’s a solution to that problem.

It’s called MYeMetrics and it’s a new service that once setup it does your website testing and tracking for you. It gives you the important metrics for your website so you can see quickly how your website is performing for the things that really matter like:

• Customer lifetime value
• Visitor value
• How much a lead is worth to you per month
• How many new sales you have received
• How many new leads you have received

Plus you can split test any page to try and improve the conversion and you can track any advertising you’re doing online or offline. It tracks from a click anywhere on the Internet, to a lead, to a sale, and to future sales after that.

You may think that you’re fine with Google Analytics but MYeMetrics is completely different than that, and in reality is not trying to compete with them. You should in fact still use Google Analytics if you have it already because MYeMetrics is not trying to tell you stats like total unique visitors, page views, bounce rates, how long a person remains on your website etc.

MYeMetrics was designed to measure the metrics for your website that really make a difference to your profits.

The great thing about MYeMetrics is that it has all of your important metrics in one place. When you start using it you will no longer have to go from one place to another to get your crucial stats and piece it all together with formulas etc. If you’ve tried doing that you’ll know how time consuming and tedious that type of work is – not to mention confusing. MYeMetrics has taken away that problem.

Plus, MYeMetrics is great because it gives you the crucial metrics for your website quickly so you can focus on improving them. And when you do this you see the improvement over time, which is very motivating.

I also like how you can use it to track all of your personal websites in one control center. To switch between websites you simply have to select the website you want to see from the drop down box of your user account.

This service is awesome at giving you a snapshot of how your website is really performing for the website metrics that really matter.

I also like how it has educational material in your user account to teach you and help you increase your crucial website metrics. This is very valuable.

What I didn’t like about MYeMetrics is that although it does website testing and tracking for you, it’s up to you to setup the codes on your website. And it’s up to you to setup the tracking for you online and off-line ads. It would be awesome if you could hand all of this off to a person who can go and set this up for you. Maybe one day they will have that an a option.

MYeMetrics is for the website owner who collects leads or sells products on their website. It can also be used by people who do not sell any products but have a website and sell affiliate products. For people doing that it will help them tremendously by knowing what their visitor value is so they can then go out and buy more visitors with confidence.

As the time of this writing you can try this service for free for 30 days and no credit card is necessary.  I found that to be a really great way to check it out and make sure I was happy with it. Then it’s just $47 per month. Which I guess is a bargain when you think you can track all of your personal websites using only one account, you have all of your crucial metrics in one place, plus you can split test your pages to improve conversion and you get help to improve your crucial metrics. This is definitely one service I rate highly and recommend all Internet businesses use if they don’t enjoy doing testing and tracking. Follow this link to try it for yourself for free for 30 days –


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