Localizing SEO Strategies

January 4, 2013

Local SEO

Target Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has now become a common tool for most enterprising advertisers on the web. With SEO, you can get more hits on your websites, thus showing your products and services to more of your intended target market. With the advent of social media, blogging, and home pages, SEO is indispensable if you want to grow your market reach on the internet.  With the help of this tool, people can find you more easily and it can create a ripple effect where they find your link and subsequently show it to other people they know. You aren’t really promoting yourself on the web until you’ve used SEO.

Of course, there are strategies that come with using SEO. People who are just starting out in using this technology tend to focus on optimizing results for Google. This is perfectly understandable since Google is the behemoth of search engines. It’s the number one search engine in the world and has consistently come out ahead of the competition like Bing, Yahoo! Search, and Ask Jeeves. There are even variations of Google for other countries so the audience is truly global. When it comes to search engines, coming out on top of Google search results pages can net you millions depending on your business venture.

Not everyone, however, can attain the top spot on Google even with the help of SEO.  Think of Google as an ocean. It’s really hard for a small fish to be noticed in a huge ocean. If you’re just starting your venture, it’s best to swim around in smaller seas. This means going to other search engines. Think about your target market and really narrow it down. Are you aiming for a particular country or ethnicity?

 Zeroing in on Your Target

You may not come out on top when it comes to the international Google but you might be able to appeal to local versions of Google in other countries. For example, if you’re trying to market to Australia, try adding keywords that will draw in that particular market then aim to come out on top in Google Australia. This is far easier to attain than trying to be the top website on the international Google right off the bat.

 Speaking the Language

Think about the language your target market speaks.  The countries you are aiming for may all speak English but some of them may use their own particular spellings and slang equivalents of common words in their searches.  British English and American English are decidedly different when it comes to terminology. You can’t sell “sweaters” to the British. You’ll have to call them “jumpers” instead when talking to Americans.  Likewise, you can’t sell “knickers” to the Americans.  You’ll have to refer to them as “lingerie.”

If you’re marketing sporting goods, there’s a big difference in the meaning of “football” depending on whether the potential buyer is from Europe or North America.  Be sure to optimize your content for keywords that suit the local peculiarities of your target market to make sure that you avoid missing opportunities.

Be Where Your Market Is

It also pays to know where the hits on your site are coming from. You have to be informed of whether or not your target market is seeing what you want them to see. You may be getting a lot of hits but if your target market is Britain and all the hits are from India and China, you definitely have to change things up when it comes to your SEO.  Make sure your keywords are calibrated to get the views you want. It won’t do you any good if all the hits you get are from a country where you can’t ship your goods.

In the end, just remember that knowledge is power when you are making use of SEO.  Always know who your target market is, where they are located, and what they are looking for.  Then, you can tailor-fit your local SEO efforts towards them in a more targeted manner.

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