How to Do Niche Research and Find Long Tail Buyer Keywords

November 29, 2012

Keyword Analysis

When it comes to establishing an online presence that’s strong and productive it’s not necessarily the specific service or product that’ll get the ball rolling down money lane, but rather the type of niche you’re pursuing and the long tail keywords you’re applying to your efforts.

If you’re just now hearing about these terms then it’s time to familiarize yourself with them even further. The first step to deciding on what market you’d like to infiltrate with your awesomeness is conducting a niche research. There are many ways to go about doing a niche research, but some ways can produce more predictable outcomes than others. Before we go into the helpful niche research tools, let’s do a quick review of how you shouldn’t go about doing a niche research.

• Choosing a niche based on your own interests is like ordering everyone’s meal for them at a restaurant. While you may think salmon is a great dish, others will prefer the chicken or steak. Get the picture?

• Choosing a group of people within a specific market then picking a product to shove into their faces until they purchase or convert will only get you so far. You can’t just guess what people want; you have to know for a fact to be profitable.

Now that we’ve purged you from potential failures, here are a few great tools that’ll allow you to conduct a productive and eventually profitable niche research.

• Google may be a giant, but he’s a friendly one with a lot of helpful tools for niche research such as:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool helps to evaluate commonly searched keywords so you can see what a good majority of people are searching

Google Trends shows the frequency of a search term and lets you compare the frequency of your chosen topics

Google Groups are groups that discuss items that are related to a specific subject, i.e. niche

All of these can help you come to a conclusion on a few popular, profitable niches.

• Use Affiliate Programs to give you an overview of what niches are popular and what products are selling. Here are some examples of well known Affiliate Programs.

ClickBank Marketplace




• Article Directories are also great idea generators when it comes to possible niches. People want to learn more and expand their knowledge on what they’re interested in and usually do so by reading articles and browsing through content. Find highly searched article topics on sites like:


Associated Content



By using any of the tools above you should be a step closer to finding a niche that’ll work for you, if you haven’t already decided on one. Once you find a niche that you want to dedicate your online efforts to, the next thing to do is to find long tail keywords that’ll help generate organic traffic to your offer.

Long tail keywords will help you find keywords that aren’t very competitive and easy to rank for on search engines, which in turn could result in highly targeted organic traffic. Use these keywords on your blog, website, or even on social media platforms.

Here are 3 simple ways to find long tail keywords:

Google Suggestions will show you variations of long tail keywords by simply just typing in a head term or first 2 or 3 words of the phrase.

• Various keyword tools can show how competitive keywords are on a global and local scale as well as show suggestions of long tail keywords; examples of keyword tools are Google Keyword Tool, Word Stream, WordPot, SEO 20/20.

• Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers,, or LinkedIn Answers provide great examples of long tail keywords based on what questions the general public is asking.

Hopefully this will help you get a jump start on your online endeavors. With the proper niche research and the application of long tail keywords, you can secure a productive and profitable online presence that’ll find its place in search engines everywhere.

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