Some Great Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for Start-Ups

December 7, 2013

Inbound Marketing

conversion-rate-optimization-processOne of the most crucial aspects of inbound marketing is conversion rate optimisation. Once you’ve got your customer to visit your site, how do you get them to stay long enough to make a purchase? For new start-ups this is even more crucial given you need to start making money as soon as possible, but at the same time may have little resources to perfect your website in the early days. Here are some useful pointers that should require little technical know-how or cost, but can increase your CRO considerably with their correct application.

Collect reviews

Reviews and testimonials are some of the biggest factors in decision-making, video testimonials especially, so asking your customers to provide them from day one is really useful. Ensure they’re placed on the right pages too – if someone praises your taxi company’s airport transfer service, that shouldn’t be on your About Us page.

In a similar vein…


Regular collection of feedback about your site’s performance is great, because not only does it help you to identify and fix problems quickly, as well as optimising the customer journey, but it also shows people that you care about providing the best service you can, a big boost to your brand image. If you indicate the importance of this to your company, as a start-up, this should hopefully increase results.

Use their own words

Taking the reviews, feedback and any other examples of people speaking about either your own products or similar, tailor the language of your marketing content to match. A subtle psychological trick popular with telephone-salespeople, it instils confidence. This should be an integral part of your…

Site design

Some sites are simply online information repositories to attract people to the bricks-and-mortar outlet, but if you need your website to be high-performance then it’s worth employing a professional designer. The temptation for many start-ups is to get things done by a friend with some basic skills, but this can be problematic. The experience a professional designer brings, as opposed to a DIY-approach, can make all the difference.

How can we help?

Your content strategy should be driven less by what YOU want on the website, than what your customers need. Focus on how your product or service can help them solve their problem, and explain that clearly and concisely. Critically – your most important information should always be placed before the fold of the page, to avoid the need for scrolling down.

Website performance

Whenever you make a change on the site you should be using an A/B testing tool to see how it affects the customer experience. You can pick a decent one up for very little expenditure with a bit of research, and learn to use it very quickly. Needless to say, any time you do make changes to your site, you should always check that all pages load correctly and links work. Test your site in as many browsers and screen resolutions as possible so you’re not missing out potential customers using Explorer or Firefox for example.


Landing pages

Landing pages should be kept simple and clean so your over-riding message is clear. Look at sites such as Spotify or Twitter for inspiration. Adding a call to action, such as “Buy now or miss out on this one-time only deal” helps prompt a sense of urgency that can significantly improve your CRO, but remember to update it frequently if necessary.

Abandoned baskets

You should always track abandoned baskets and contact lost customers as soon as possible. Find out why they didn’t go through with their purchase, and try and incentivise them to complete.

Social networks

By offering people the chance to register on your site through social networks such as Google+ and Facebook, you’re not only making their lives easier, but giving yourself an extra way to market to them. If you do need to go the more traditional route, keep your registration forms simple and short. Long, detailed or confusing forms see a lot of drop-off.


Do you or your company have some formal sign of accreditation, such as ABTA-bonding if you’re a tour operator? If so it’s a good idea to display this prominently, along with a link to the relevant website, on your landing page. It can’t hurt to display it elsewhere as well.

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