A Content Marketing Strategy for Today

October 24, 2012

Content Marketing

Content-MarketingGoogle has been on a roll recently. They’ve been rolling out major algorithm updates on a regular basis, and they’ve been big ones. And it isn’t just the Pandas and the Penguins that one has to worry about (those were the names they gave their biggest algorithm updates). Manual human checks on websites are a big part of Google’s search ranking philosophy now, too. Any website that’s in the top 10, Google’s people actually personally look at the website to see if it is a quality offering. Basically, your content marketing strategy today has to be good enough to pass the human inspection test.

Basically, Google has made one thing clear – they’re going to be working very hard to make sure that websites that appear in their top 10 are quality creations. They want to see useful and authoritative writing, videos and pictures on every website – at least on the front page. That’s what your content marketing strategy today has to aim for. You have to create excellent multimedia content (multimedia – now there’s a term that people don’t use anymore).

The first thing is that you need to do to make sure that your webpages have useful and valuable content is, you have to investigate what exactly your audience is looking for. If your content is wonderful, but if it doesn’t answer your audience’s needs, it’s going to fall flat.

How do you know what kind of expectations your audience has?

Well, right away to begin with, you can look at other websites to see what they’re doing. Look at popular websites in your niche, and try to work out what they’re doing that you’re not. Basically, if they have a lot of videos and pictures and you have a lot of writing, right away, you know that you aren’t giving your visually oriented audience what you should. If your audience isn’t interested in reading and in-depth knowledge, if they’re just interested in quick recommendations of one kind or another, you need to give them that.

Good content costs money. You need to be willing to pay good money to get good content. Often, if you are small business and you don’t have anyone on board who is able to actually make good content, you’ll have no choice but to hire freelance people from outside. Freelance content creators though, come at every price point. You get what you pay for.

People on the Internet have easy access to every kind of high-quality website there is. If your content quality slips even a little bit, they’re going to instantly go elsewhere. So you need to really use very high editorial standards.

And of course, are talking about a content marketing strategy here. Even if you have the best content, you don’t get an audience automatically. You need to really work the social channels to get on top.

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