SEO Specialist-Silver Teede

SEO Specialist-Silver TeedeMy name is Silver Teede and i am an SEO Specialist and the owner of this SEO blog.

For the past 4 years, I have helped my clients unlock the potential of their businesses and achieve their goals. An SEO Expert myself, I am in the best position to understand the needs and aims of SMEs.

My area of expertise is in web marketing in general and implementing SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategies to help clients engage with their customer base, raise their profile and increase brand loyalty. This can be achieved through a range of methods such as blogging, maintaining social media accounts, advertising through social media or affiliate marketing, content and inbound marketing.

While a well-thought and well-implemented strategy is essential to the success of a website, tracking and analysing results is as crucial and informative for long-term growth, and this is an area where I also have a lot of experience. I am also skilled SEO Consultant running and analyzing e-mail marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another of my specialties. I can help my clients with SEO tips such as internet niche research, keyword selection and online and offline site optimisation as well as link-building strategy, including link popularity and link profile analysis which is key to achieving good ranking with search engines.

Making it onto the first page of Google search results is terrific, but in some way, this is when all the hard work starts if you intend to stay there! Through rank monitoring and ranking trend analysis, website quality assessment and management, web analytics, traffic analysis, and conversion analysis, I can assist you by devising and implementing a SEO strategy to help you stay on this all important first page.

I am also an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional who acknowledges proficiency in Inbound Marketing principals and best practices in blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

As a SEO freelancer i provide following services-

SEO Consultancy and Link Building Services

Guest Posting Services

Niche Relevant Link Building

PPC Campaign Management Services

Brand and Brand Reputation Management

Content Creation Services

Conversion rate optimization Services

Landing Page optimization Services


    SEO Tools and Training

  • 8-Week WordPress Coaching Program This is a live 8-Week Coaching Program delivered online. It consists of 8 sessions, each approximately 2 hours, and are held to help you create a successful, income producing website using WordPress.
  • Web Marketers Dreamkit (WMD) The Ultimate "Dream Kit" of WordPress Plugins. 7 Plugins That Will Rock Your WordPress Site - Social Media Popup, Social Media PageLock, iSMS, ExitPopup, SnEaKy Affiliate, IPN Redirect and ListBuilder Popup! Also get (DAP)